Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Welcome to Nakanishi Rice Farm !

Welcome to Nakanishi Rice Farm !

I'm a rice farmer in Ina Valley, Nagano prefecture. I call my farm "Nakanishi Rice Farm". We named it after our house name, Nakanishi. This farm was handed down to me by my family and we've been farming in these fields for generations. 

I've been planting several kinds of rice such as the popular non-glutinous rice "Koshihikari", ancient rice (red and black rice) and also sticky rice "Shirake moch".

I would emphasize that I don't use either any chemicals nor fertilizer. In the other words, I don't put anything into the rice farm, even though I want to increase harvests.

I've always thought that planting rice and pursuing my family's farming tradition will give me real joy.So, I have also came up with the decision of selling my rice online to expand our market all throughout Japan.

Hisayuki Komaki,

The fourth-generation master
Nakanish Rice Farm

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