My policy in farming

                                          I vow to be an independent farmer whose means is to uphold traditional farming system aiming towards co-prosperity or mutual benefits.I will not change the way it was ran by the family into a large-scale organized farming. Hence, I value more the manual works and unique efforts. 

                                          It is indeed a great challenge in my part to improve the methods of tending rice without the aid of man-made fertilizers and as well as those chemicals that modern farming is using today. Furthermore, I see to it that I will be keeping my endeavor to preserve its originality and ingenuity.

                                          Farming requires tons of hard works and is certainly time consuming way of living since I also work as a company employee during weekdays. However, the benefits outweigh the cost of my labor and as well as the enjoyment I feel especially when harvesting time approaches. It is indeed an enormous fulfillment I feel in my part as a farmer.

                                          I make it to the point that I have timely and cordially delivered the quality  rice products to our valued customers so that they will find it as worthwhile. Moreover, along with the rice products, we also give some vegetables and fruits as our gift to them.

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