My rice


Koshihikari is a non-glutinous rice that is well known to people in Japan. It is important and memorable for me.

The rice fields were passed down from my parents to me. Back then, I was a beginner when it comes to rice farming. I didn't know much about growing rice. However, I recklessly started growing Koshihikari without enough knowledge.

Unknowingly, I added too much fertilizer which resulted in a bad quality rice. In addition to that, weeds also outgrew the rice without using any rice-field herbicides.

Shirake moch

No one knows when the early people in the Ina valley began growing the Shirake mochi but farmers had been using this kind of rice for making rice cakes for quite sometime. The farmers have been carefully keeping its seeds as treasures in their houses for years.

The rice cake made from Shirake Mochi is considered to have the best taste, flavor and stickiness. This rice has been grown by a lot of farmers in Ina Valley. However, this kind of rice has long stems that are easily blown and will easily fall over which puts itself on the verge of extinction.

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