Winter- flooded rice field

Key points of water flooding during winter 
Water management for flooding water during winter is a tough job in my area because of various reasons.

One of these is that the amount of water in the river becomes quite lower than rice growth season. Secondly, I have to infill holes on the bank which is sometimes made by mouse or mole so that water flows directly to the rice field. However, this work is worth doing because good result of harvest can be anticipated by organic rice farming.

In winter flooded rice fields, tubifex worms appear out of nowhere and reproduce/breed into large amount to the end and grow well. 

They discharge large amount of excrement  which later it could form soft deposition layer, which becomes a natural fertilizer. 

This soft deposition layer blankets the surface of soil. That layer cut off sunlight and bury weed seeds deep enough to inhibit them from sprouting. 

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